About HCT Regenerative

HCT Regenerative is the first company in Taiwan to focus on processing human tissue to provide orthobiologics and regenerative biomaterials for clinical use. 

Our mission is to develop advanced human cellular and tissue based products (HCT/Ps) to improve patients' quality of life. 

We are the first and only known company in Asia to process and bank human amniotic tissue, rich in growth factors and cytokines, and provide it for clinical use.

The products we develop and manufacture can be utilized in orthopedics, neurosurgery, sports medicine, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, wound management, dental, and cosmetics. 

HCT Regenerative is approved by the TFDA and we are the only establishment in Taiwan to be accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).  

Our management team has years of experience and extensive connections both in Taiwan and in the United States to the tissue banking and healthcare community.

Quality Assurance

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Management Team


James Tsai, PhD

Leslie Tenn, PharmD, MBA

Leslie Tenn, PharmD, MBA

Managing Director and Co-founder

James is the Managing Director and a co-founder of HCT Regenerative. James previously worked as the Research and Development Director at LifeLink Tissue Bank for 8 years. He has also served as a member of the scientific and development committee of the AATB, both in biology and applied medicine. James has experience in the development of tissue products, knowledge of tissue processing technology and other key technical knowledge.  


Leslie Tenn, PharmD, MBA

Leslie Tenn, PharmD, MBA

Leslie Tenn, PharmD, MBA

Chair and Co-founder

Leslie serves as the chair of the board and is a co-founder of HCT Regenerative. Leslie has a background in drug development and clinical experience. She served with the Taiwanese department of health and is licensed to practice pharmacy in both Taiwan and the United States.


Dana Shires, MBA

Leslie Tenn, PharmD, MBA

Dana Shires, MBA

Board of Director and Co-founder

Dana serves on the board of directors and is a co-founder of HCT Regenerative. Dana is the grandson of Dr. Dana Shires Jr., who founded LifeLink Foundation, a non-profit organ procurement organization based in Florida. His father, Dana Shires III, served as LifeLink Tissue Bank’s Executive Director for nearly three decades.



  • HCT Regenerative officially begins operations


  • Class 10,000 cleanroom built to American standards

  • TFDA approves amnion bank, making HCT Regenerative the first amnion processing facility in Taiwan

  • HCT Regenerative signs partnership with LifeLink Tissue Bank

  • AMNIOGEN® membrane launches in Taiwan


  • TFDA approves MS tissue bank

  • Expansion of tissue processing facility completed

  • HCT Regenerative receives SBIR research grant

  • HCT Regenerative wins Taiwan's National Innovation Award for startup

  • LIFEGRAFT® launches in Taiwan


  • Expansion to new office space

  • HCT Regenerative becomes the first amnion bank in Asia, and the first organization in Taiwan to receive AATB accreditation

  • AMNIOGEN® matrix launches in Taiwan

  • Leslie Tenn, HCT Regenerative's Co-founder and Chair, receives 2019 Women Entrepreneurship Award from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Taiwan

  • HCT Regenerative signs agreement with NeoAsia to distribute AMNIOGEN® matrix in clinics throughout Taiwan